Send 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV files at 44.1-192kHz. (Which ever was the sample rate of your project/recording/mix)

You want to make sure the highest peak-level is -3dB or less before exporting (bouncing) your mix; this ensures no transients are clipped and will give us some headroom to sculpt the master. Secondly you’ll want to remove any pre-mastering processing from the master-bus, such as a limiter or stereo enhancer. The over-all volume should sound low; we’ll raise it during the mastering process. Third you’ll want to make sure that you submit a high resolution .wav or .aif file. We can master mp3’s, however you will get a better final product when mastering from a high resolution file. You can read more about preparing your mix for mastering.

Please name all your tracks sensibly. Please include following:
-Band/Artist name.
-Track order and ISRC codes, if used.
-Invoice details (Full name, address, email)

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