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mastering studio equipment

As you probably know, mastering puts the finishing touches to a song, enhancing and polishing the overall sound. It gives the mix another dimension.

When working on more than one song, mastering also ensures the consistency throughout the whole album or EP, and optimizes the music for different devices and surroundings, as well as different distribution formats.

Now, who’s to say your neighbors cousin’s buddy couldn’t provide you with a nice master for free. Whether it’s necessary to rely on a professional mastering engineer solely depends on your goals. If you’re just making music for yourself as a hobby, your money is possibly better spent somewhere else. But if you want to compete with all the polished songs on the market, mass produce CD’s, send your album to a major label or retail platforms, or your music is very important to you, then a trained mastering engineer with a fresh set of ears, sweet hybrid analogue goodness, studio facility purposefully designed for critical listening, and the skills to elevate your music may be a solid investment. I provide high value at an affordable price.

If you’re still unsure, maybe this will help; I offer free test masters for new clients.

Mastering is the final stage in the production process, and the first stage of delivery. Let's get the delivery right!
Listen to some Before and After

Mastering samples

Big Room House
Chill EDM
Latin EDM
Modern Metal
Pop Ballad
Pop Electronic
Tropical EDM
Listen to some Before and After

Mastering samples

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the mastering process

Once your booking is confirmed, in most cases it’s less than 48h.

Step 1. If we haven’t worked together before you can fill out the “mastering inquiry” form on the contact-page and let me know that you’re interested in a test sample.

Step 2. I will send you a link where to upload your mix.

Step 3. I will send you a portion of your song mastered. If you are happy with it, I will send an invoice and you will receive the full song after the payment.

Send 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV files at 44.1-192kHz. (Which ever was the sample rate of your project/recording/mix)

You want to make sure the highest peak-level is -3dB or less before exporting (bouncing) your mix; this ensures no transients are clipped and will give us some headroom to sculpt the master.

Secondly you’ll want to remove any pre-mastering processing from the master-bus, such as a limiter or stereo enhancer. The overall volume should sound low; we’ll raise it during the mastering process.

Third; you’ll want to make sure that you submit a high resolution .wav or .aif file. We can master mp3’s, however you will get a better final product when mastering from a high resolution file.

Fourth step is filling out our contact form and uploading your songs to us!


The price includes 24% VAT (which will be deducted for non-EU purchases)

We will send you an invoice which you can pay via IBAN transfer (if you reside in Europe) in euros, or PayPal (if you reside outside of Europe) in any currency. PayPal payments are subject to a 6% transaction fee.

An experienced, detail oriented and Grammy mentored mindset! 🙂

No worries, I’m happy to assist. If you’re looking to book mixing or mastering with me, please fill out the contact form so I have all the needed information and links before we discuss your project further.

But if you just have a couple quick questions, you can also shoot me an email to stefan@illusia.studio.

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