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You’re most likely familiar with the concept of mixing, but let’s recap real quick.

Mixing is a careful craft of reducing clashes between instruments, balancing frequencies,  brightening or darkening some sounds, tightening the grooves, emphasizing important song elements, creating depth, adding tonal color and much more.

Mixing music comes down to a combination of art and technology. It’s not enough to have technical skills and equipment, a good understanding of the musical aspects and how to prioritize them is crucial. The mix must convey the intended message of the song and bring forth emotions. A good mixing engineer can balance all the elements in an artistic way, staying true to the song and bringing it to life.

First impressions are important. This applies with music also, the first few notes play an important role in capturing the listener. And this is where a mix can either make it or break it.

TL;DR: To get your music heard, your sound should be of impeccable quality.

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The music industry is wildly competitive in today's world and thousands of songs get uploaded to streaming platforms every day. You need your songs to shine through. Let's make it so!
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Frequently Asked Questions

About the mixing services

Usually 4-6 business days once the booking is confirmed.

Doesn’t hurt to ask 😉 You can fill out the contact form and add your wish there.

You will receive a mix-prep PDF with all the information needed once your booking is confirmed.

My mix rate is currently at 400€/song.

The price includes 24% VAT (which will be deducted for non-EU purchases)

We will send you an invoice which you can pay via IBAN transfer (if you reside in Europe) in euros, or PayPal (if you reside outside of Europe) in any currency. PayPal payments are subject to a 6% transaction fee.

No worries, I’m happy to assist. If you’re looking to book mixing or mastering with me, please fill out the contact form so I have all the needed information and links before we discuss your project further.

But if you just have a couple quick questions, you can also shoot me an email to stefan@illusia.studio.

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